About US


My name is Tung Nguyen, also known as Tommy Nguyen. I am the owner of Cloud Nine Beauty School located in Avon Park, FL .  I am the author, website designer, CE reporter, payment receiver and technical support of this 2 Hr Continue Education course.  Therefore, you only work with one person when you take this course.  Your emails go directly to me and I check them periodically throughout the day.  My personal email is tungitek863@gmail.com. The phone number to reach me directly ASAP is 352-356-8610, please consider time when you call;  I do have a family.  I accept text messages if you prefer to send me a text at odd hours.  You may had received campaign emails from a different email address. That is an email address I used to send out group-emails for advertising my course.  If you responded to that email and I don’t get back to you within 24 hrs. Please re-send to the email above; what happened is it got buried under many junk and spam mails.   At the same time I know sending you emails may spam your inbox/junk mail. Please understand it’s part of the business to advertise; you always have the option in my emails to UNSUBSCRIBE, you can block my emails or simply reply to one of my email and i will manually remove you.

When taking the 2 Hr CE Test, please enter your info accurately.  I will confirm your license number is correct prior to submitting your CE. You do not have to pay until you pass the test: guaranteed passing. I do not submit your physical address to DBPR.  Therefore if you moved; you need to change your new address with DBPR.  Cloud Nine Beauty School will not be responsible for your physical license not arriving at the correct address or lost in the mail.

Group Rates: If you have a group of 5 people or more, shoot me an email and I will have a special rate for everybody in your group.

Price Match:  If you find a cheaper rate than what I offer.  Send me an email and I will match that price. Before you contact me though, please consider other websites will add tax, service fees, merchant fees, convenience reporting fees…etc. I don’t do that. I set an all inclusive whole number price that I know is comparable to other providers.

Currently, Our school have three programs online accessible anytime.

I. 10 Hr CE for Cosmetology – This online program is for Florida Cosmetology license holder. This includes cosmetologist, nail specialist, facial specialist, full specialist, hair braider, hair wrapper and body wrapper.  You need this every two years to renew your license.

II. 4 Hours Initial HIV/AIDS – You need this for Initial license, Null/Void license or if you are transferring into the state of Florida from another state.

III. 2 Hours CE for Barbers- This course is required for renewing the Florida barber licenses.

Before you go, Thank You for making people beautiful through your work of hands.  I am a 20+ years nail tech and I love doing and teaching nails.  You can see some of my work here. Remember to take care of your hands to prevent carpal tunnel and arthritis normally associated with our profession. Have a great day.


Tung (Tommy) Nguyen